CBSE National Championship of IISR felicitated






CBSE National Champions of IISR felicitated




RIYADH — Indian Ambassador Ahmed Javed felicitated the three shining stars of International Indian School Riyadh for their marvelous performance and historical achievements in CBSE National Sports Meet 2018.

At a glittering felicitation ceremony held at IISR, the Indian ambassador appreciated and felicitated Amaan Ur Rahman, Mohammed Habeeb and Siddharth Rajesh. The trio won gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.

Amaan Ur Rahman of XII H won gold at CBSE National Table Tennis Individual Championship 2018, which was held at Kaushalya World School, Greater Noida, in November. Mohammed Habeeb of XII H won silver in 800 meters middle distance running event held at Davangere, Karnataka and Siddharth Rajesh of XI B won the bronze in Mixed Doubles Table Tennis at Greater Noida.

Amaan Ur Rahman is an exceptional Table Tennis player who currently holds second rank in Telangana in both men and juniors rankings. He played 10 Clusters, 8 CBSE nationals, 5 inter-state national TT Championships, cluster winner for 8 times, won many state ranking tournaments in Telangana. He won gold medal in International Table Tennis Federation World Junior Circuit in 2016.

The ceremonial function began with the unveiling of the impressive banner, encouraging the student’s performance accorded by the Band of Honor for the dignitaries. The event began with the recitation of verses from Holy Qur’an followed by the translation, recited by the students.

Ambassador Javed, spoke highly about the achievers, their mentors and also the dedicated approach of the school towards the inspiration rendered and felicitating these laurels. He expressed that this achievement shall be shared on the Twitter handle to inspire all. He reiterated that success comes when combined with honesty and hard work and congratulated the entire IISR for the dignified success.

In his welcome address Principal Shaukat Parwez applauded the achievers and exultantly glorified the school’s accomplishment and recognized the well-coordinated team of students and coach. He emphasized that focusing on our strengths, gives us the needed traction to begin empowering our skills to become goal oriented. He reminded the students to always uphold the values ingrained at school, which shall surely help them etch a life embellished with content and success.

He also emphasized the motivating role of the school mentor Ambassador Javed in the school’s success and his continuous role in all the achievements of the Indian Diaspora. 

In her felicitation speech Principal-in-charge Girls’ section Asma Shah said, “Self-discipline is a muscle which needs to be exercised and strengthened timely.’

Reading out the proud achievements of the winners, she acclaimed that IISR stands tallest among the 25,000 CBSE schools with the feisty performance at national level, bringing the crown of victory to the school, crafting history and making IISR flag soar high. She added that these recognitions have set an inspirational mode, to dream and act bigger for all and also has raised the bar of competitiveness among all the students.

The School Chairman Sahab Hussain glorified the laurels of the school and the warrior spirit of the players and the concerned in charges. The recognition of the school at the national level is indeed a great triumph for all and has been sculpted in the school records.

Meera Rahman, vice principal (academic), delivered formal vote of thanks and proudly acknowledged the intertwined efforts of all stake holders and also thanked each one for their involvement.


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