17 November, Sunday, 2019


In a step aimed to inculcate the habit of fitness among school students, IISR embraced the Fitness week. The objective observed during the entire week was a behavioral shift from ‘Passive Screen Time’ to ‘Active Field Time’.

The meticulously executed two week programme during the Fitness week, addressed both the physical and mental fitness needs of the children. Each day began with Yoga asanas performed during the morning assembly on the school campus. The impressive asanas performed by officials, staff and students was a perfect synchronization  of mind, body and serene ambience.

The different collaborated sectional activities, on the mentioned theme were comprehensively chalked out. The Kinder Garten section assembled in Fruit Salad making activity, which involved in substantial use of seasonal fruits, grooming the tiny minds towards healthy eating habits. The primary section participated by organizing ‘Swastik Bhojan Abhiyaan’-Salad making activity. The planning, participation and execution gave each student comprehensive insight on the significance of Nutritious food. The Middle Section, organized a Walkathon on the school ground. The Aerobic activity too, a deeply involved exercise, made each student fresh and agile. The Secondary section involved in Free hands exercise, was well participated by all. The Yoga asana organized for the Senior Secondary section was a fine balance with the schedule at school. The activities propelled each student to realize the essence of a disciplined  behaviour, in paving way for harmonious lifestyle.

The Fitness week encircled with myriad activities conceptualized the importance of being fit in character building and off- field stress management. The hands on involvement poignantly maneuvered the thoughts towards cognizant disciplined manners, enhancing self-esteem and personal growth.