Ambassador's Message

Date : 31st May, 2020 

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Date : 20th April, 2020

Dr Ausaf Sayeed, The Ambassador of India and Patron of International Indian Schools, wishes well for good health of entire fraternity of International Indian Schools and the Indian Community in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and changing paradigms, the Embassy of India is seized with the concerns of our Diaspora and its impact on the community. The Embassy is monitoring all developments in the Kingdom and is dedicated to provide succor and assistance to entire cross-section of the Indian community, in consultation with the concerned Ministries of the Kingdom.

Due to the prevailing situation, unusual circumstances and based on recommendations of the Higher Board, Managing Committees and internal deliberations, following decisions have been taken for the Schools towards assisting in alleviating the situation: -

  • All Schools have been advised to make a School outreach and be sympathetic to the requirements and assistance projected by parents.
  • No School employees will be retrenched.
  • School staff shall draw the current salary with minor modifications to allowances and increments.
  • All students will be allowed to access online classes irrespective of fee default. No restrictions will be applied.
  • Only tuition fee to be paid by parents. All subsidiary/ supplementary fees shall not be charged.
  • The costs for implementation of distance learning package will be considered through tuition fees for the lockdown period.
  • Status quo would be reverted to post COVID-19 after review of finances.
  • Higher Board shall be issuing necessary directions to all International Indian Schools in this regard. The emerging situation and concessions provided shall be reviewed on 01 June 2020.

Similar steps are recommended to be adopted by all CBSE Schools in the Kingdom which are privately owned.